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IHOP Reviews

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  • Martha is the worst

    I happened to visit IHOP on 7/18/2017 to take advantage of the $0.59 shortstack promo that was being offered. I have eaten at this particular IHOP on many occasions so this time wouldn't be any different than usual. Well, everything was seamlessly going ok until my guest and I were seated. Our waitress Martha was not the most pleasant by any means. She happened to be walking by the table when she mentioned she would be right with us and at first I didn't think anything of it. Once Martha made it to our table however, she just stood by the table with her paper and pad in hand and... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Ciciloro's Picture   Ciciloro    1 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Service

    This is my first time visiting Florida and I was looking forward to a nice meal at the local IHOP. Unfortunately, service was not up to par. For starters, a dirty coffee pot was left on the table in which we were seated. The silverware was also not clean and we requested new silverware which was also dirty. The waitress apologized, and gave us plastic utensils.There was only one other table besides mine during our time dining at this facility, therefore, service should have been immaculate which it was not. I had to yell out loud for a waitress to assist me and the waitress never came to... More...
    FanchonY's Picture   FanchonY    0 Comments   Comments
  • worst life experience

    Went to IHOP number 36-229 here in Orlando and the 2 of us ordered stuffed French toast and a Smokehouse combo. after about 14 minutes the food came and was stone cold. Asked for the manager, who promptly arrived. told him of the problem he said they would redo the meals. 4 minutes later, meals came again, also cold with extra crispy bacon. Toast was cold with solid butter. by then we were both disgusted with the experience. The manager guy said he would take the stuffed french toast off the bill. I lost my appetite and only had 5 to 10 percent of the food. paid the bill $13.51... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    DjayHockey47's Picture   DjayHockey47    0 Comments   Comments
  • IHOP- Completely disgusting and unreal experience

    We went for breakfast/lunch. My husband ordered a turkey/avocado combo. When it was brought to our table, no avocado? We asked our server and were told "they were out"..So the cook's made it, it was probably seen by a number of server's, but brought to us w/no avocado. I ordered grilled chicken salad, got crispy chicken. Little girl threw up behind us ,and the staff handed the Father of the little girl a towel for him to clean it up..REALLY?? Last but not least, not even away from our table and a bus tub is plunked down smack in the middle of our table..UNREAL~~ Manager... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    tbernardi's Picture   tbernardi    0 Comments   Comments
  • Theft

    I and my Fiancé went to iHop by West Loop today, November 2, 2016 around 12:15pm and was attended to by an employee, Reina. We ate and left. However, I realized that I had forgotten my ring on the table so we went back. On getting back to the restaurant we realized that the table had been cleared and so requested to speak with the employee that attended to us who explained that she didn't see the ring because she was the one that cleared the table. We requested to speak we that employee that cleared the table but she went to call her manager who came out speaking a "foreign... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • worst service ever

    This ihop restaurant in Virginia, near great wolf lodge was horrible, I will say it again, horrible. The drinks were really expensive, and we had to wait for our food for over a hour, and when they were "cooking" our food there was yelling in the kitchen and lots of fighting, they had horrible work ethic, and the coffee mug was probably not even washed, because the handle was sticky, lots of people there left because they were unimpressed with the service and or food. when we went to check out, the guy told us that our total would be eight dollars, and we only payed for three... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    asdfgqwert's Picture   asdfgqwert    1 Comments   Comments
  • IHOP Conyers Georgia should be closed

    DO NOT VISIT IHOP CONYERS GEORGIA. West Avenue Waffle House is a much better quality of food and service. Since IHOP Conyers opened I have ordered the same meal twice a week for over a decade. I call in my order and once out of over 100 visits was it ready when I arrived. Usually they over cook MEDIUM-RARE. Asking to speak to the manager 5 minutes ago and they refused to take my phone order. So if you have a high minority population in your city apparently IHOP will not take your phone order. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    thesafeman's Picture   thesafeman    0 Comments   Comments
  • Empty tables while people waited 20 minutes to be seated.

    IHop in Frisco, TX. #3017. The manager, Marcus, is so incompetent it is laughable. We waited 20 minutes for a table for 4 for breakfast today. Upon seating we noticed 7 tables around us were empty. SEVEN tables! There were probably 12 different groups waiting for tables and several people that left because of the wait. How can Marcus not manage the tables and get people in and out? Isn't that his job? Finally a lady came and wrote down table numbers for him and he reluctantly started filling the tables. Ridiculous. As long as he is there you are losing customers and probably... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    lmurphy's Picture   lmurphy    0 Comments   Comments
  • IHOP

    Ate at IHOP at intersection of Watson & Lindbergh in St. Louis. Yikes what a nightmare. Barely any air conditioning, smelled funny when we walked in door and should have turned around then, but didn't. Not many customers around 1:15 pm, and had to wait quite a bit for a table. Table all smeared and damp. had to ask to have it wiped clean and dried. My husbands fingers were black after touching either the table or the menu, not sure which did it. As we waited for food I looked around and noticed the light fixtures were filled with dead bugs, the ceiling icky, the waitresses all... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    foody's Picture   foody    1 Comments   Comments

    I went to IHOPS August 1, 2015 for my free Birthday Breakfast. 4656 Browns Hill Road, PITTSBURGH, PA 15217 US Store# : 3238. Service very poor took forever to get waited on. The male waiter gave no ice in our ice teas and never gave any refills. No sugar on the table had to ask for it and that took forever. No sliverware had to wait for that. Worst of all customer coming in to eat had no shoes. I called corporate office they said manager of Pittsburgh 15217 would call me and it is over a week now and he never called. More...
    Donna15218's Picture   Donna15218    0 Comments   Comments
  • No A/C

    My mother is currently visiting Grandview, Mo and she loves IHOP pancakes. We have been to IHOP 3 times in the past 7 days and every time we have a great waitress named Angie but we can't enjoy out meals because the air conditioning isn't working at this location. Every one of the days we visited if was 95+ degrees outside. When we asked management why it was so hot they stated that the air only worked on one side of the resturant and there was nothing they could do about it. We went back a 2nd and 3rd time hoping the A/C was fixed however it had not been and no fans had... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Jlinder17's Picture   Jlinder17    0 Comments   Comments
  • IHOP in Trinity, FL

    This restaurant has a very unpleasant odor and smells musty. It is very unappetizing and made my husband and I very uncomfortable. We looked up at the ceiling and it is disgusting. There are large grey areas in many places that are either mold or dirt. . Certainly not someplace we want to eat at again. Our waitress was very nice and the food was decent, but we won't be going back due to the odor and dirty ceiling--it is very unappealing and makes you wonder what the kitchen looks like. More...
    Marlb's Picture   Marlb    0 Comments   Comments
  • IHOP disappointment

    I know why I chose Bob Evans over IHOP. I stopped for breakfast the other day at your Prince Frederick IHOP and chose the 2 2 2. I asked for turkey bacon instead of pork and was told there would be a $1.79 up charge. When looking at the price of your breakfast sides the cost for both pork and turkey bacon was $2.99. I chose to not pay the up charge but instead asked to leave off the bacon. I was not given a credit for the deleted bacon. I have never been charged for a change of either bacon or sausage at any other restaurant in Calvert County. Shame on IHOP. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Broadway's Picture   Broadway    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Manager! Rafael Barajas!!!!

    I'm from Los Angeles, CA & I've been to an IHOP close my house, it's located on Slauson & Western #792 and the manager Rafael Barajas is HORRIBLE! I'm there weekly the staff and cooks are amazing which is what has me going back but every time I go if there's a situation the manager isn't there! And when he is there he's yelling at his staff when their doing nothing but their best he is so unprofessional! And his staff get embarrassed and humiliated in front of me and other customers! I go so often that I've been thinking for weeks whether I... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Danielle1977's Picture   Danielle1977    0 Comments   Comments
  • IHOP on 4840 South Laburnum Ave., Richmond,Va 23231

    I just had the worse experience eating out in 46 years. This IHOP is the worse. I ordered scramble eggs & cheese sandwich on light toast, waffle,turkey sausage & orange juice. I received some processed eggs out of a box,ice cold waffle & some dirty utensils. The eggs wasn't on the bread. I sent it back to have the order recooked. I get some running eggs this time still not on bread. I didn't eat nothing. Left the 2nd order on the counter. I pd. $54 & gave the waitress a $18 tip. I call Corp.& they tell me I gotta ask for eggs out of a shell. Y they don't... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Manthony's Picture   Manthony    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dirty Cups

    Whilst dining at iHop, El Paso (6080 Gateway East), the waiter brought dirty cups to our table and proceeded to pour coffee. I told him that the cups were dirty and pointed out that there was lipstick on one of the cups. He apologised, took them away only to return with more dirty cups. Coffee cancelled!! We had breakfast but we certainly will not return to this iHop restaurant. I'm happy to try another iHop, but if that is the same it's no more iHop for us. My friends who I've told about this were pretty disgusted too. Pull your finger out iHop, dirty cups are not acceptable. More...
    Jimbo999's Picture   Jimbo999    0 Comments   Comments
  • ihop Service

    On July 4 this past Saturday in Boardman, OH my husband and I attempted to get a meal. After a 10 minute wait to be seated we waited another 5 - 10 minutes before our waitress showed up complaining, "I take a few minutes to call my daughter's doctor and come back to find no one has drinks." We ordered our drinks and food at that moment. The drinks came but after 20 minutes the food had not arrived. We got up to leave and the waitress stopped us. After we explained why we were leaving she had us wait while she checked our ticket. She came back to tells us it had only been 17... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    AgathaMystery's Picture   AgathaMystery    0 Comments   Comments
  • IHOP bad service

    IHOP had always been our favorite restaurant on the mainland, so when we moved back here to Hawaii we went to out favorite breakfast place and to our surprise we were very disappointed. First of all our wait for a table of 6 took a bit of time, normally if it was busy that would be understandable, but the restaurant itself was not busy, maybe around nine tables busy at the most & it seemed like they were ignoring us, secondly my coffee didn't come until all the drinks came, I was a little fidgety about that since the waitress was just kinda standing by the ordering station &... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    WinnDixie's Picture   WinnDixie    0 Comments   Comments
  • Service

    The IHOP in Bossier City, Louisiana, needs better management as well as trained waiters and waitresses. We had a table top of 3. We waited 20 min before a server came to take or drink order. Longer than I wanted to wait. Took 30 min to get our food order and about 20 min to get out good. Waiter was rude and his name was Chris. People were leaving because of the length of time to get food. Very disappointed that this IHOP had workers like this as well as the management. As they say in the south, "Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians". Will never go there again. And by the way,... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    momagou2002's Picture   momagou2002    0 Comments   Comments
  • Racism/Discrimination

    Today (06.25.2015), I took my best friend out to breakfast. She was visiting Raleigh, NC. Today was her last day. I treated her out to breakfast at Ihop on 7471 Six Forks Road in Raleigh, NC. When we approached the greeter's counter, the white female white greeter immediately looked at a male waiter, who also was working on duty, and gave him a look like she was disgusted that we entered the building. The white male waiter responded to her racism with his eyes and a smile. At the same time he made a frown when he looked at us. The greeter and the male nonverbal cues showed... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    happyme1700's Picture   happyme1700    0 Comments   Comments
  • don't change seats!!!

    The person that status down Davis mean looks because we moved. There was a dead bug at the table and we do not want to sit next to it. she would the stare at us from a distance and give us mean looks. we could hear her talking about us as well. Then she did not even send us a server. Then they did not give us a server. We had to have the manager talk to us and she gave us our food. so it took a long time for a water just come the food was nice. the manager was very nice and we tipped her. but overall I had a horrible experience. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    madhshdjaha's Picture   madhshdjaha    0 Comments   Comments
  • Our Waitress Julie, E.

    Julie waited on us, what a charming young lady, she was very polite. She gave us outstanding service. We will be back not only because the food was great but just so we can see this young lady again. She made us feel at home and I just can't say enough great things about her. looking forward untill the next time we visit. More...
  • Discrimination

    This happen at the location off of 4109 South Jack Kultgen Waco,TX .On Saturday 5-23-15 @ 8:25 am. My family went into the IHOP in Waco not only did they sit us in the back but no waiter ever came back. Only after I asked why we haven't been served I was told that our waitress was on break . I asked to see a manager. After that we were asked by another waiter if we wanted drinks. My reply was no I had asked to see a manager. After several minutes the Manager (Bettye) appears to tell us that she didn't know why we didn't have a server and they tried to take our drink order... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    portiarae23's Picture   portiarae23    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worse Breakfast Experience

    Came to the restaurant on Elliston Place. Over an hour before I got my food. Only 2 wait staff on floor, manager was cooking. For the inconvenience I should have been informed before being seated. Time is a valuable in this fast pace world, because of this I was late to a very important meeting. If they did not have the appropriate staff a closed sign should have been on door. From this I will never frequent this location again More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Riprun's Picture   Riprun    0 Comments   Comments
  • IHOP #2044 lousy service.

    On a long road trip last night we by passed 6 conveniently located Waffle House restaurants and went way of the beaten path to find an IHOP store #2044 in Evans GA (close to Augusta GA). WHAT A BIG MISTAKE!!!! No one at the door. There were only 4 other customers. Once seated it took 10 minutes to get coffee. My coffee cup handle was covered in something yellow and sticky which I assumed was raw eggs. The waiter mumble so softly we could not understand him. Over 20 minutes later part of our order arrived WRONG! A little later I was brought a cold, tough pancake. Our order was still not... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    IHOPsucks3210's Picture   IHOPsucks3210    0 Comments   Comments
  • Crap

    My experience here was horrible, the waiters have extremely shitty customer service skills. Not ONCE did our waiter Laura ask us how our food tasted or if she could get us anything else or anything that would be expected when going to a restraunt. When I ordered my food she rudely said "combo" pointing at what the combo contained as if I was stupid not knowing what a fucking pancake combo contained. To top it off when asked for a refill she said no free refills when I have been to multiple IHOP restraunts which GIVE FREE REFILLS. THE ONLY THING IHOP KNOWS HOW TO DO IS LOSE... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Jcas00's Picture   Jcas00    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cold food and burnt toast

    A lady friend and I just returned from IHOP in El Cajon Ca. She ordered the crepes and I ordered the Tucson scramble with French toast and a side of sausage. Following two cups of coffee and a wait, the food finally arrived, the sausage and crepes were cold and sent back and the French toast was also cold and sent back. The sausage and Crepes were returned hot and later the toast came back hot an burnt. A very disappointing breakfast. More...
    gaterfun's Picture   gaterfun    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ihop Restaurant...Artesia, NM

    my daughter and I went to the Ihop in Artesia, NM this past Saturday. We go there quite often, but this time was exceptional on every level. We were quicky seated, our waiter, Roy was with us immediately with us. He was funny, charming, and smiling the entire time. Our drinks and food were brought to us HOT,delicious, complete and with free pancakes (they had a 2 hour special from 12-2). we didnt have to wait for anything. He checked on us, filled our drinks and 2 managers stopped on their way through the restaurant to make sure our food and service were satisfactory. exellent service from... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • Punta Gorda Cook

    03/12/15 My husband and I visited the IHop in Punta Gorda, FL where we live. The cook was rude to us and to the wait staff!!! I requested my bacon and hash browns to be crispy, something I have always done at this location and have never had a problem in the past. Ashley, our waitress, brought our food out and I ask her to return it to the kitchen, the bacon and the hash browns where raw (even my husband couldn't eat his, who likes his bacon soft and doesn't mind if the hash browns are soft too). Ashley brought back the plate with no change, she apologized and said, "the... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Claypool455's Picture   Claypool455    0 Comments   Comments
  • trust in service at IHOP restored!!!

    I Live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I often go to the IHOP located on 501 there but rarely have a pleasant time. We even stopped going for a few months. Fortunately, this most recent trip we had a server named Tyquan who kept a contagious smile and happy attitude. All of the food came out quick and cooked to order for both my friend and I. He took care of us better than any server we had previously! (we even left him a good tip :)) We will be returning and specifically asking for him! More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    michellee14's Picture   michellee14    0 Comments   Comments

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IHOP Comments

Marv1599 says: (3 years ago)
I have never had a bad experience at IHOP. Food is always great as well as the service. This morning though, was a different story. I came to the one in Natchitoches, LA by the interstate. Our server seemed completely careless. Basically acted as if we never sat down at her table. My boyfriend orders the endless pancakes with hashbrowns, eggs, and sausage. When our server dropped out food off at the table she said to tell her ahead of time when he is ready for more pancakes because her cook is slow. She did not return to the table until we were almost finish eating. The hahbrowns were cold and it terrible to order never ending pancakes and only receive on order. The server was too busy talking with the rest off the staff.. Hands down the worst experience i have ever had. Your nationally known for making pancakes but your staff couldn't even accomplish that simple task this morning. Get it together natchitoches ihop

piko says: (3 years ago)
went to i hop at castle downs edmonton ordered something and got something else whenbi told the guy its wrong he claimed im wrong i asked for the manager and he says im paul the manager,
i told him no comment .

Armando12 says: (3 years ago)
Ok, so my wife and I decided to stop at IHOP 1441 E. Main, Barstow CA STORE # 919. First off after we got to our table, I witness customers showing angryness, with an open mind and having worked in the business myself I was impartial at that point. Things did start to go south from there, Our Waitress showed up about 5 to 10 minutes after we sat down, she did then took our order. Food took a while, food was cold and incomplete, she promised but forgot to bring ketchup or Tabasco, I got up and swiped them from another table. Then my food came with only one toast, I requested a second one, which I did get and got charged for ($1.79), I requested some serrano peppers which I also got charge for. My waitress (Jessica) was quick to bring our bill as well as charging for the pepper and the slice of bread. And while I sow her walking by, she never made the effort to clear our dirty dishes. You know, I don't mind paying for extra things that I asked for, however I also believe in satisfying customers, I walked out of that place with a bad taste, I considered myself a 20% tipper, Jessica only got a $1 from me, I was so pissed off! only then I realized what I witness earlier was a big hint of what it was coming. Writing this comment just gives me a bit of satisfaction and it will be a long time for me to visit I HOP again.

wherman says: (3 years ago)
The IHOP in Benton Harbor Michigan is terrible. They never have anything on the menu. The manager stands around while the place is swamp, like he is in a photo shoot. He ran to the register when it was time to cash out tho.

Jbraley says: (3 years ago)
I have had 3 separate awful experiences at ihop In Kelowna Bc. We were forgotten, got the wrong food, were served cold food and had an over all awful experience 3 separate times! That restaurant needs to be reviewed. We will no longer go there.

Jadenbrooks123 says: (3 years ago)
I orderd something food came after my families did. When I got my food they said terrible excuses and also when it came out it was bit what I wanted. The waitress checked the order with me about 4 times. I don't think I'm going back again and don't recamend it they list my business!!!

Nightsticks says: (3 years ago)
What the heck!? I went to IHOP in Covington Ga because I like their iceberg lettuce salads and the balsamic dressing. Imagine my surprise when I was told they no longer serve iceberg. Seems that IHOP thinks romaine is better for you and that's all they serve now. Not to this guy. I work overnight and went to IHOP specifically for the salad. Well, the only place left that serves iceberg is Waffle House. That will be my go to place from now on. Why do I get salads? Because they are intended to be served cold unlike the pancakes, eggs and the dinner dishes that also come out cold. Come on IHOP you can so better than this. Not happy.

Nightsticks says: (3 years ago)
What the heck!? I went to IHOP in Covington Ga because I like their iceberg lettuce salads and the balsamic dressing. Imagine my surprise when I was told they no longer serve iceberg. Seems that IHOP thinks romaine is better for you and that's all they serve now. Not to this guy. I work overnight and went to IHOP specifically for the salad. Well, the only place left that serves iceberg is Waffle House. That will be my go to place from now on. Why do I get salads? Because they are intended to be served cold unlike the pancakes, eggs and the dinner dishes that also come out cold. Come on IHOP you can so better than this. Not happy.

fannie says: (3 years ago)
you have a waitress that was very rude an hateful just ask her a simple guestion, if she see's our waitress if she would ask her to come to the table, Do not know her name, but she was a older woman she does not need to be working with the public, customer service skills sucks, get a new attitude just rude an the cashier did not even give us our 1 free dinner like the sign said for seniors, an we eat there all the time not know more.

maxorg says: (4 years ago)
Beware of hair in your food at the IHOP in boutte Louisiana. Needless to say did not enjoy the food. Then heard waitress talking about my complaint to other workers in a sarcastic way. Will never go there again!!!!!

Naya says: (4 years ago)
Ihop I absolutely loved your new york cheesecake pancakes. They were my fav and usual. I believe you got 5 pancakes but they were medium sized, not too big, the perfect amount. I loved the hidden cheesecake inside and getting strawberries ontop dripped down juice so I didn't have to start with too much strawberry syrup. Having whip cream ontop was also really nice. Years ago they were introduced as a temporary item but then you put them on your menu for good. They became a PERMANENT menu item. I am very unhappy that you have taken them off the minute you get a new menu. That was my regular. All your other pancake stacks are all big, so I can order only 3 and maybe still want more, or order 5 and have too much. Also being picky me and not sure if I want any other kind, now I'm stuck with boring buttermilk and I can't have my special pancakes anymore when I go to ihop on rare occasion. I am not happy with you.

Aberdeen52 says: (5 years ago)
I and my wife went to the IHOP in Aberdeen, SD yesterday morning. We ordered our food and twenty minutes later they tried to give us someone elses order. Twenty minutes later our order showed up. Food was cold like it had been sitting for at least 15 minutes. My toast came 10 minutes later. It was like cardboard. I tried to eat but could only get about halfway through it. We were back home less than hour later and I got to taste the eggs, pancakes, hashbrowns, toast, and bacon for a second time. It did not taste any better. I told my wife this is our third and last time we ever eat at this or any IHOP.

windchaser1 says: (5 years ago)
ON Friday Jan 4th a friend and I went to the Goshen In diana Ihop store #3115 We both ordered the Sr pot roast meal ,it came out cold so we told our server and she sent it back and it came back cold again so we told her again she talked to her server supv the potatoes looked like they had set on a plate for an hour or more, finally a store mgr came out after abot 15 minutes she picked the plate up and said to us Well the plate is hot never ckd the food temp the server offered us different meal with an extra 20% off which we also never got We wont eat there again MGR HAD AN ATTITUDE Betty Barber 513 So Third St Goshen Indiana 46526

Danztrax says: (6 years ago)
Ordered new Cinnastacks pancakes, and there was no cream cheese nor whipped cream included, which was supposed to be, according to the description AND photo! The waitress was extremely busy (she was the only one working), and by the time we got her attention, the pancakes were getting cold. So, we ate and left. The pancakes looked NOTHING like the picture in the menu. I received four pancakes with a cinnamon-based sauce on top. Rubbery pancakes, and my husband's meal - the eggs were cold and tasteless, bacon fatty, and the coffee is ALWAYS awful! This isn't the first time this has been happening. The food is going downhill at this restaurant. Manager is never there when we go. The food is what is going to make this place fold. Why go there and spend over $25 PLUS tip for lousy food?

sling says: (6 years ago)
i been going to this ihop for years date feb26/12 we sat there 10 mins before she took a order then 18 min she brought food still no drinks she brought drinks and still forgot to bring my salad the people next to ur was served drinks in 2 mins and food in 12 mins told manager an she just laughs about said shes meeses up like that if thats the way u serve paying custermers guess i need to go to denys. ihop in texarkana arkansas store #1462 server tara t

5biggie5 says: (6 years ago)
Hi I had a wonderful experience ihop are server name was Bernadette and we will go back to Tahoe again to see her .we want to thank you for making are holliday breakfest a fun one merry christmas to her and all the ihop people in souyh lake tahoe .thanks the Donellt family

nopassword says: (6 years ago)
I visit I-Hop #4432 several times a month and this place gets a AAA rating from me! I do have a complaint with maintainance of this store. The seat cushion springs are broken down so bad its like sitting in a pothole with the table chest high. I think I-Hop corporate HQ can afford to properly maintain its store fixtures especially when it DIRECTLY affects its LOYAL customers. Or should I start bringing my own chair, which I will!

Rick813 says: (6 years ago)
My wife and I have a routine of going out for breakfast on Sunday mornings here in Sebring, Florida.

Because of several bad experiences we have avoided IHOP for several years but today (7/17/11) we deceided to try IHOP again. It will be a long, long time until we give them another chance.

My wife had eaten half of her breakfast when she uncovered a long human hair curled up under what was left of her eggs. When we pointed this out to the waitress she took the plate away and had a conference with another employee that I assumed was her manager. Then she came back to our table and without saying a word she laid our check on the table and disappeared.

It will be a long, long time until we visit IHOP again

aghroum says: (7 years ago)
i am a former waiter in city line ihop where you can find all kind of dirth , most clients use to complaint about the bed smell and bed food, waitresses sell marejuana and fight over tables, former manager was in relationship with his busgirl, one cook smokes near the food and dishes, the other cook names daoud is an elligal immigrant and who curse on waiters all the time disrespect everybody including clients, every body fight with every body and for any reason, those who know the ihop call it the zoo or the ghetto

1234567789 says: (7 years ago)
i was a regular custermer. i have clint as my server all the time. i went in there i ask one the server if clint working she say he was no longer working at ihop i was dissapointed he was great server .the waitress told me he was let go i ask the gen manager he said he fired him do to custermer compliant i was upset with him. i did not return. they need to get clint back as a server. they should give him another chance.

tundra says: (7 years ago)
Was in the Watertown,sd IHOP 8-19-2010 for breakfst and ordered the sampler plate. This breakfast platter and my husbands sirloin tips were so greasy that we could not finish. Since when does a person get charged for having onion added to hashbrowns?IHOP does.

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